Anglia produce will look at locally grown vegetables from around East Anglia such as Norfolk Asparagus and Samphire to be used in the actual competition, they will also look at forged ingredients! They are also looking at how they can involve students and colleges with local growers.

Jamie is a renowned food photographer, and supports Passion through his fantastic photos of the students and their food . He if asked may come in and look demonstrating food photography with the students ( and maybe a few chefs may want to attend as well )

Local producers of Pork and lamb, all colleges and students have a fantastic opportunity to visit the farm, work with the breeders and their on site butcher .

Blythburg Pork, please contact Jimmy Butler 01986 873 298 www.freerangepork.co.uk Jimmy also welcomes students to his farm and the opportunity to visit colleges, please contact him.

They have farms from Yorkshire to East Anglia, and are offering the students the opportunity of visiting their farms to understand what are free range chickens. Besides supporting the colleges with their chickens they will also attend colleges to give lectures and demonstrations.

Stokes sauces are a different angle as they are making links with colleges to teach them food development and technology . this is achieved through site visits and colleges visits. They have also offer the opportunity to work with them on a stage and the chance to look at a permanent role.

They look after 4 farms in East Anglia and besides supplying eggs to the colleges they have an open invitation inviting all students along to their farms to see how the chickens are looked after and to see their new 1 million pound egg sorting factory

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