Murray Chapman

'A Passion to Inspire', founded by Murray Chapman, is a non-profit making, voluntary initiative, initially developed to bring education and industry closer together - to help and support' the future of tomorrow today'. The initial format was a competition... but with a fun and supportive element, to nurture, encourage and support students, and give them belief in, and a passion for, their chosen career. The competitions are open to all students at any level and on any course - including FOH and kitchen. Students, colleges and lecturers have the opportunity to meet some of the industry's top chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers. To date, the initiative has involved over 145 students โ€“ and many lecturers.

He wanted to take a fresh approach to inspire students bringing them into contact with real life situations through meeting with employers and industry producers, growers and suppliers and thus introducing them to the many career paths of this industry.

In 2012, 'A Passion to Inspire' became involved with Dingley Dell's Flying Visits โ€“ a series of events held in top restaurants and venues throughout the UK, raising money for charities such as Hospitality Action, NSPCC and Motor Neuron Disease. Students, lecturers and colleges were given the chance to be involved, working alongside top chefs and front of house. To date this element has directly involved 48 students โ€“ and their lecturers. There have been six to date, with more in the pipeline.

'A Passion to Inspire' also recognises the practical needs of the industry and has, through the support and help of the RSPCA's Freedom Food (farm animal assurance and food labelling scheme) developed partnerships with such producers as Dingley Dell Pork, Brookfield Farm (veal) and Loch Duart Salmon. All have offered students site visits and talks. Currently, Murray is working on a project for Northern Ireland with Chris Bell.

When Murray is not running 'A Passion to Inspire', he advises and supports chefs in developing their career paths. Previously Murray worked as head chef for Country House Hotels and is an active member of the Master Chefs of Great Britain. Also since the launch of Skills for Chefs in 1998, Murray has worked closely with the Director, David McKown, in supporting this event at The University of Sheffield. Murray has worked with and supported colleges over the past 20 years.