Andrew Nutter

The early days

Andrew Nutter has been described as one of the most exciting and innovative chefs of his generation. His passion for cooking really does radiate from within. Even before his twenty-first birthday, Andrew had already spent three years training at London's Savoy, as well as two years in France working in a whole host of Michelin-starred restaurants. From these early beginnings, Andrew has now joined the elite of UK 'celebrity chefs', with his own restaurant here in the UK and an ever-larger audience worldwide.

Opening Nutters

Opening his own restaurant Nutters was a natural progression for the talented chef. With the backing of his family, Andrew watched as guests began to pack the tables and awards began mounting up. In the years since, Nutters Restaurant has been applauded by critics and guests alike.

Early awards

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Andrew was bestowed with a number of awards early in his career; including Lancashire Chef of the Year followed by Young Mancunian Business Man Of The Year awards.

A larger-than-life character (who else would devise a signature dish of crispy Bury black pudding wontons whilst drunk?) Andrew turned up at the awards dinner with 'Nutter' shaved into the back of his head. It wasn’t long before the television producers came calling and Andrew found himself on Ready Steady Cook, Afternoon Live, Granada TV’s The Flying Chef as well as his own Channel Five series, Utter Nutter.

Nutters Restaurant business expands

The popularity of Andrew’s restaurant saw it move into larger premises. The restaurant is now set in a renovated 18th-century manor house. Surrounded by six and a half acres of groomed parkland with spectacular views across Ashworth Moors near Manchester, it's a great setting for the acclaimed chef’s dynamic food.

Recent awards

In recent years Andrew received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2008. The Times voted Nutters as one of the UK's top-ten celebrity-chef restaurants.

Cooking demonstrations in the UK

Andrew regularly demonstrates at all the major food festivals in the UK, including The Good Food Show and The Ideal Home Show.

UK charity work

Andrew also does significant charity work for Nutters-nominated charities; including the NSPCC, Christie's Manchester and Hospitality Action, all of which has raised in excess of £100,000 since the restaurant's initial opening.

Worldwide publications

Andrew's first book Utter Nutter sold out globally and his second book Nuts about Food has been ranked in the top twenty-five 'must have' cookbooks by The Independent newspaper.

TV book launch for "The Art Of Seriously Good Cooking"

Andrew's style

Andrew's cooking style is indeed unique. He has a real passion for classic French cooking, yet keeps his innovative eye on using and incorporating the very finest of local produce.

Andrew recently commented;

“My initial concept for the restaurant was to use the very best local produce and yet to present it in a classical French manner - which I'd learned in France during my early days. A lot of my suppliers are family businesses - just like us - and I always source from local suppliers wherever possible. They know the produce I like and they ensure I get the very best quality every day.”

The story continues...

Andrew has now reached at the very forefront of modern cuisine. He is well-known here in the UK - endorsing and promoting local products with many of the major UK supermarkets. He is also increasingly well-known abroad, regularly demonstrating his cooking expertise in South Africa along with regular TV broadcasts in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.